March 10, 2023

The heavy industry sector in Australia, such as mining, oil and gas, and agriculture, has a significant impact on the environment. One of the most significant challenges in these industries is managing the storage and containment of liquids and materials, such as chemicals and waste products. The use of digital asset modeling language (DAM) liners … Continue reading DAM Liners for Heavy Industry in Australia: Advancing Environmental Sustainability

January 12, 2023

May 19, 2022

The HDPE geomembrane contains antioxidant packages to protect the liner from oxidation during the production of the membrane and during the field life of the membrane. HDPE formulation consists of weight percentages 96-97.5% polyethylene (PE) Resin, 2-3% carbon black and up to 0.5% antioxidants. Carbon black is added to the geomembrane to limit potential damage … Continue reading Geomembrane Composition and Antioxidants

May 18, 2022

We are often asked what kind of liner we should use for a pond. The answer is not simple. There are many variables: What is being stored? What is the PH of the liquid being stored? This will determine the type of polymer that is to be used if indeed a polymer is suitable at … Continue reading What Kind of Dam Liners We Should Use for a Pond

July 9, 2020

GDT Lining has a mission to improve the industrial landscape by containing any harmful waste. We accept that waste is a biproduct of our industrial society. We aim to mitigate the downside to a level which is acceptable, by limiting the spread and effect of waste materials on everyday life. We are always eager to … Continue reading GDT Lining Sysems

May 1, 2020

GDT Lining Systems have recently completed the construction of a Molasses Bladder Molasses generates CO2 and H2S when stored. Molasses often enters the storage hot and cools of emitting gas as it loses heat. If the gas is not removed from under the cover it will interfere with the roof drainage which may cause the … Continue reading Get Assistance with Dam Liners from the Experts

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