GDT Lining Sysems

July 9, 2020

GDT Lining has a mission to improve the industrial landscape by containing any harmful waste. We accept that waste is a biproduct of our industrial society. We aim to mitigate the downside to a level which is acceptable, by limiting the spread and effect of waste materials on everyday life.

We are always eager to work with our mining partners in the extraction of products which benefit the quality of life.

GDT Lining Systems has been in operation for over 20 years. We run a crew of up to 15 technicians and undertake projects with a value of up to $(AUD)6.0mil. GDT is located in rural Queensland in the town of Innisfail, approximately 100km south of Cairns. We service customers throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea. We specialise in remote work.

We undertake:

  • Design and Construct work.
  • Supply and install of lining systems.

We work with HDPE, Polypropylene, GCL’s and other geosynthetic products. Our preferred supply partners are:

  • Solamax suppliers of HDPE
  • Cooley Group suppliers of polypropylene lining systems

The use of geosynthetic liners in mining applications has been established science for 40 years. Specifically, HDPE has been used extensively as the lining medium for Heap Leach Pads and lining of Tailings Dams. Other geosynthetic applications have included Evaporation Ponds for the reduction of liquid waste. The complexity of the lining system for a particular application depends on the nature of the material being stored or treated. When it comes to the need for liner systems for your industrial waste management requirements, we have the experience to provide meaningful advice.

GDT have designed and constructed many floating covers over; water, molasses, Dunder (Vinasse) and wastewater. We have had extensive experience with gas collection covers.

GDT Lining Systems can design, and construct liner based civil projects in a practical, easy to construct manner. We employ professional engineers experienced in civil and structural design.

GDT has designed and constructed many in-ground molasses storages throughout Queensland in the last 25 years. The largest of which has the capacity to hold up to 37,000 tonnes of molasses. The excavation for this molasses storage is approximately 140m long, 140m wide and 11m deep. As a result of GDT’s experience with Molasses Storages construction, they have become specialised in the requirements to make such a project successful.

WE work from start to finish on your geosynthetic projects.

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