Dam Liners


Geosynthetic lining systems are frequently used in aquaculture projects. Typical applications are:

  1. Lining the intake and outlet channels where flow in an unlined channel would cause bank erosion.
  2. Lining of the embankment walls in the grow out ponds. The use of paddle wheel aerators causes turbulence which results in bank erosion of the ponds. Erosion is evidenced by bank undercutting and bank steepening and possible failure. Banks of ponds can be lined with HDPE or rock. HDPE has the advantage that it is smooth. Rock has the disadvantage that it presents a rough surface and can make the pond difficult to clean.

The lining of pond walls with HDPE is usually a quick job. Pond depths are usually such that 8m wide rolls of HDPE are a close fit to the bank depth, allowing for anchoring at the top and the bottom in an anchor trench with no longitudinal welding required. Generally, 1.0mm HDPE is used although 0.75mm is also common. The 1.00mm thickness has greater resistance to abrasion.

Life expectancy of HDPE can be 20 years. We have many applications which are older than 20 years and still perform adequately, showing minimum deterioration due to sun exposure.

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