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Get Industrial Floating Covers from the Best in the Industry

Floating covers are made from high-quality and flexible geomembrane lining materials to cover tanks, ponds, and lagoons. For floating covers of different shapes and sizes, visit GDT Lining.The floating covers that we help out with are known to be applicable for multiple purposes as that of Biogas collection, Lagoons for leachate solutions and water storage reservoirs. The lining systems that awe install are known to be backed by the workmanship of dedicated experts who have the required training and experience on how things are in place.

The floating covers that we install are known to protect the water in the best possible manner. We are known to customise our covers depending on the needs of our clients and also help out with alterations whenever there is the need for it.

Being a company that has been around for several years now, we ensure that you have the right floating covers that protect the water surface well. With multiple clients as a part of our list, we assure you that you wouldn’t be disappointed with the installation that we help out with.

Benefits of using floating covers

  • It controls evaporation
  • Growth of Algae and organisms
  • Minimisation of the emissions
  • Control of odour
  • It helps in deterring birds
  • It prevents heat loss

While we deal with the best quality floating covers made of geo-membranes, it is something that has good longevity when compared to the rest of the products available. We conduct installation at your location while often customising the size of the floating covers well.

When you find the need for floating covers for water bodies, give us a call today, and we would offer you a good quote.

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