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Geomembrane and Geosynthetic Liners for Mining Applications

The use of geosynthetic liners in mining applications has been established science for 40 years. Specifically, HDPE has been used extensively as the lining medium for Heap Leach Pads and lining of Tailings Dams. Other geosynthetic applications have included Evaporation Ponds for the reduction of liquid waste. The complexity of the lining system for a particular application depends on the nature of the material being stored or treated.

When it comes to the need for liner systems for your industrial waste management requirements, we can be the first people to assist you. Being the leaders in providing HDPE lining, we ensure that your waste bins are lined well and that the waste is stored in a manner that is environment-friendly and safe.

With the waste bin liners in place, there is effective cleaning of the bins without having to worry about the reduced cleaning capacity. Whether you intend to choose from the ready-made HDPE lining sheets or intend to customize them depending on the varied sizes of the waste bins, we have it all for you.

The liner system that we help out with is known to line skip bins, merrels, roro’s as well as cabinet liners and a lot more. No matter what you require the liners for and how you intend to conduct waste management, we can help you with it all.

Why Choose Us?

With multiple years of expertise and experience in manufacturing liner systems and helping clients, we are known to contribute to the environment in a manner that not many can think of. With the best quality HDPE lining sheets, we help you in being the pioneers of waste management.

Being one of the leading producers of industrial waste liner systems, we believe in winning hearts of several with our wide range of accessible lining systems.

We use UV stabilisation techniques that ensure better durability and stability to the liners that we produce and help you with. Whether you want the liners to serve a short period or a for long-term assistance, you can get it for both.

Give us a call today, and we will help you with the best of quotes.

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