Dam Liners

Geomembrane Liners for Canals

The transport of water from the source to the point of use has been a problem to man since the beginning of time. Canal systems have been used widely for this purpose since the times of the Romans and before. Engineers have tried almost everything to line their water conveyance canals including clay, bricks, concrete spray on chemicals and geomembranes.

The use of geomembranes as a liner for new canal systems and as part of a retrofitting operation is well documented. Many standards are being developed for the use of geomembranes specifically as a liner for canal systems. GDT has extensive experience with lining systems in general and has worked with a wide range of liner materials including Elvaloy (Modified PVCs), Polypropylene laminates, heavy PVC laminates, HDPE and polyurethane. GDT is also able to arrange installation & testing of membranes.

To learn more about some of the main elements to note when using a geomembrane application, please click on the following link: basic consideration for geomembrane lining systems

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