Dam Liners

In-ground Floating Roof Water Storage

In-ground floating roof water storages are now a genuine alternative to steel water tanks when considering larger installations

Floating roof structures have advantages over steel tanks:

  • Where a large volume of water is to be stored.
  • Where ample land is available for the storage.
  • Where it is desired to prevent exposure of the stored water to the environment and to eliminate evaporation.
  • Where an off peak storage is required and it is desired to minimise pump and delivery line size and expense.
  • Where it is required to construct a large capacity storage in a short period of time.
  • Where it is required to use the floating roof structure as part of a lined catchment to collect rainfall.
  • Where the required location of the reservoir is remote and transport of structural steel plate and members will be a high cost.

The construction costs of an inground floating roof reservoirs dramatically reduces, as the stored volume and the depth of the storage increases

The development of high strength, UV resistant, polymer materials used in the construction of floating roof storage’s has progressed rapidly in the last 10 years. A wide variety of polypropylene, elvaloy and polyethylene sheet is available with tensile strengths up to 8000kg/m width. Materials typically come with a manufacturers 20 year guarantee against UV degradation.

Click here for more information on the stages followed during an installation of a floating cover.

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