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Geomembrane Liner for In-ground Molasses Storage

GDT has constructed a large number of in-ground molasses storages around Queensland in the last 15 years. The largest of which has the capacity to hold up to 37,000 tonnes of molasses. The excavation for this molasses storage is approximately 140m long, 140m wide and 11m deep. All excavation work undertaken by GDT is performed in accordance with AS3798-1990. As a result of GDT’s experience with Molasses Storages construction, they have become specialised in the requirements to make such a project successful. For an overview of this process click on the following link Molasses Storage Construction Elements.

GDT Lining Systems have recently completed the construction of a Molasses Bladder

Molasses generates CO2 and H2S when stored. Molasses often enters the storage hot and cools of emitting gas as it loses heat. If the gas is not removed from under the cover it will interfere with the roof drainage which may cause the gas flow under the cover to be blocked and large bubbles in the cover system to form. The solution is to provide:

A large central float with a gas collection pipe system on either side provides positive extraction of the gas by way of an inline industrial fan. Application of a small negative pressure under the cover has a big effect, pulling the cover down against the stored molasses and allowing water that is collected on top of the cover, from precipitation, to find its way to the perimeter drainage sump. Provide perimeter rather than central weights to the system.

GDT has been installing molasses storage for 30 years and has learned about the problems of gas produced.

GDT Lining has a mission to improve the industrial landscape by containing any harmful waste. We accept that waste is a biproduct of our industrial society. We aim to mitigate the downside to a level that is acceptable, by limiting the spread and effect of waste materials on everyday life.

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